Texas DBITS (DIR-CPO-4977).

Geospatial IT Services

NOTE: The Sanborn Map Company Inc (Sanborn) acquired Applied Geographics Inc (AppGeo) on September 12, 2022. Sanborn is now the vendor for this contract. References to Applied Geographics and AppGeo have been replaced with The Sanborn Map Company and Sanborn respectively. Customers can contract for the same range of services and expertise.

State of Texas: Department of Information Resources DBITS: Deliverables-Based IT Services Contract DIR-CPO-4977

Sanborn is now a part of the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Contract for Deliverables-Based Information Technology Services (DBITS) – Contract DIR CPO 4977, and welcomes the opportunity to serve all levels of government.

Sanborn offers the following services through this contract, specifically:

Technology Category 1: Application Development, Maintenance, and Support, Technology Upgrade, Migration, and Transformation; and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); and

Technology Category 3: IT Assessments, Planning, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), and Market Research, Procurement Advisory, and Contract Implementation Services.

Note that this contract is for services ONLY.

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Texas Department of Information Resources

Contact Us/How To Order:

For quotes, purchase orders, and warranty information, please contact Sanborn’s :

Morgen Healy, VP, mhealy@sanborn.com, (617) 447-2445

33 Broad Street, Fourth Floor
Boston, MA 02109

The following is a step by step process for executing a procurement from the DIR DBITS contract:

    1. Customer creates an SOW for services. The SOW must be complete, signed by an authorized representative of Customer.
    2. Customer Releases SOW to one or more approved DBITS vendor(s) of their choice in the selected category. Response timeline is at the Customers discretion.
    3. Customer evaluates response(s) and selects a vendor.
    4. Customer issues a Purchase Order. Vendor understands that no work under any SOW issued by Customer shall commence until receipt of Purchase Order.

Additional information about the delivery and negotiation process:

      • Service provided under this Contract shall be based on a Statement of Work.
      • Customers may negotiate the terms and conditions of a SOW to suit their business needs, so long as the SOW terms and conditions do not conflict with or weaken the terms of the DIR DBITs Contract. Vendor shall perform its work in compliance with the DIR DBITS Contract and the agreed upon Statement of Work with Customer.
      • Customers purchasing services under the DIR DBITS Contract shall negotiate pricing directly with the Vendor in accordance with the Customer’s Statement of Work.

Contract Pricing:

Pricing will be provided for each Statement of Work, and will depend upon the nature of the work assignment.

For More Information:

Please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program overview page, as well as Sanborn’s DBITS page for DIR CPO 4977 for more information.