Strategic Planning.

Benefits of GIS Strategic Planning.

The benefits of a strategic plan for your geospatial investments cannot be overstated. ​

Government and businesses are expected to harness spatial data, software, and technology to meet the information needs of diverse stakeholders and customers. A GIS strategic plan builds a bridge between the goals and objectives of the organization and the investments and roadmap needed to achieve them over a defined time horizon.​

Sanborn’s Proven GIS Strategic Planning Model.

Sanborn has a successful GIS strategic planning process that is flexible and adaptable. The two-part process starts with a strategy that defines the vision, goals, and strategic objectives, followed by a series of business plans (one for each strategic objective) that lay out the activities, milestones, costs, and benefits. Sanborn tailors the process and resulting recommendations to customer-specific concerns and priorities.

Sanborn Strategic Plan Model

This two-part model allows the organization to set a strategic vision and then focus its energy and resources on how to achieve specific, priority goals that align with its overall vision.

When is the right time for GIS strategic planning?

It’s never a bad time to start or refresh your strategic plan.

Our quick survey can help you figure out where to focus your next strategic plan effort.

No two plans are alike. Benefit from our experience.

We’ve completed literally hundreds of GIS strategic and business plans. Our planning model has been proven in government and the private sector. Even more, our team has the experience and tradecraft to ensure that your strategic plan meets your unique goals and situation.

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