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Spatial IQ ® – Managed Services for HERE Technologies.

If you have questions on HERE, all you have to do is ask. Our team can’t wait to work with you.

If you ever find yourself asking, “Can I do this with HERE?,” or “How do I use this API?”, or “What is the most cost-effective way to use this API?” then Spatial IQ is for you. Don’t let questions stop your team from moving ahead with HERE. As a HERE Platinum Partner, we’re plugged into the HERE ecosystem. We either know the answer or we know how to get it efficiently.

What do you want to achieve?

At Sanborn, we are all about helping you do more with your data, and that’s where Spatial IQ for HERE Technologies comes in. Spatial IQ brings in our team of mapping technology experts to solve tough problems and get the most value possible per API call.

Through the Spatial IQ program, you schedule consultation with HERE experts at your convenience. We’ve seen hundreds of use cases, and can help you find the right APIs and data for your needs. We also help you validate your interpretation of the Terms of Service for your applications.

As a part of a Spatial IQ engagement, Sanborn can quickly answer tough questions while helping refine your spatial stack; taking into account the best practices we have developed over years of location-based services consulting.

This program is especially relevant for:

  • Project Teams taking on new HERE projects to ensure API best practices are implemented from the start.
  • Business Managers looking to more deeply understand HERE Technologies and Terms of Service or project API costs based upon the technical approach being laid out.
  • Developers who would benefit from having access to Sanborn’s experienced geospatial application development team.

Sample topics for Spatial IQ for HERE consulting includes:

  • Best practices guidance for:
    • Cloud resourcing and deployment considerations for mapping apps
    • All HERE APIs and location data
    • Building simple and effective spatial user experiences
    • Spatial data manipulation and management
    • Geospatial tool guidance
    • Cloud resourcing and deployment considerations for mapping apps
  • Tracking and reporting API usage and billing.
  • Estimating HERE costs based on user session profiles.
  • Leveraging HERE to help answer your organization’s spatial questions and address new use cases.
  • Comparing and contrasting spatial resources
  • Access to our Help Desk and training resources
HERE Technologies

Watch our HERE Logistics and Routing Webinar

Driving the Future of Logistics and Routing with Better Data: A Conversation with HERE Technologies

Spatial IQ for HERE strategy sessions help with:

  • Navigating terms of service
  • Optimizing usage of APIs for routing and fleet logistics
  • Taking advantage of HERE’s road attributes, traffic, and telematics data
  • Tracking HERE API usage for cost management

Whatever stage of the process you are at in your HERE implementation, our team is here to ensure your success.

Get Your HERE Strategy Session

Whether you are a first time adopter trying to get started, or a Power-User agency looking to optimize and roll out your next big project using HERE APIs, when you sign up for Spatial IQ, you are given access to Sanborn HERE experts for a full year, who are ready to assist with questions, discuss issues, and make recommendations.

Common HERE Implementation Questions

How can I better manage my HERE usage costs?2024-03-11T15:36:07+00:00

As a Platinum HERE Partner, Sanborn is available to help new customers understand HERE API best practices to solve business workflows and minimize costs.

Is my use case supported by the HERE Terms of Service?2024-03-11T15:36:07+00:00

Sanborn works with many different customers who have questions about terms of service. For Spatial IQ clients, Sanborn can offer detailed insights and advice, including  how other organizations have successfully navigated terms of service to stay in compliance and optimize their use of the technology.

How does HERE Technologies differ from other mapping platforms?2024-03-11T15:36:07+00:00

The short answer is performance, content, functionality, and terms of service. HERE location intelligence offers an amazing amount of roadway data, traffic location services, and commercial routing applications coupled with APIs targeted for fleet logistics, routing, and delivery. Users can take advantage of HERE’s flexible terms of service. Learn more about how HERE compares to Google Maps here.

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