Sanborn Geophysics.

The latest addition to Sanborn, Sanborn Geophysics ULC enables clients to map energy, mineral, and groundwater resources with its state-of-the-art methods and equipment.

Comprehensive geophysical
survey services.

Sanborn Geophysics is a whole service provider: equipment sales and support, survey design, and high-quality data acquisition. We provide advanced high resolution data products for use in interpreting and mapping minerals and energy resources in the subsurface.

Thunder Bay

Sensors and systems you can trust because we built them.

Sanborn Geophysics operates worldwide and is singular in the US marketplace because it offers end-to-end geophysics airborne survey services using equipment that we design and build ourselves.

  • Clients can rely on our ability to integrate and service all the components of their geophysical data collection systems. Complicated, expensive, and risky multi-vendor coordination and system integration for each survey project is a thing of the past with Sanborn Geophysics on your team.
  • Sandip Goswami
    Managing Director, Sanborn Geophysics ULC​
Sandip Goswami

The below ground intelligence you need.

Sanborn Geophysics airborne surveys enable measurement of the Earth’s magnetic, electromagnetic, and radiometric fields – measuring the naturally occurring gamma radiation from soils and bedrock and electrical conductivity of the ground. These large datasets are rapidly processed and analyzed using proprietary smart software algorithms to define mineral, water, or energy resource potential in the Earth’s crust.


Confidence in the security of your data.

Sanborn’s secure on-premise data center offers storage options (from acquisition through processing and delivery) for your project data. We can host and stream data to your team while maintaining its security and integrity. Optionally, we can transmit data securely to your preferred on-premises or cloud storage environment.

Established and reliable expertise.

Sanborn’s experienced team has completed hundreds of airborne installations worldwide. We are composed of dedicated pilots, professional engineers, and geophysicists; field technologists and electronic technicians who provide high quality data that clients can trust. The management team has over 100 years of combined experience in equipment manufacture and sales, international geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Geophysics team

What geophysical survey products can do.

Airborne Magnetic Surveys

  • Mapping Detailed or Regional Geological Structures
  • Geological Hazard Mapping

Dig Deeper. Detailed Product Specifications.

AGRS Specification
Helicopter Surveys specifications
IMPAC specifications
PDS-3R specifications
PGIS-2 specifications
Sanborn's TDEM System specifications

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