The City of Bellevue, WA has lost 9% of its tree canopy over 10 years. In response, the city employed Sanborn data and American Forests’ software to quantify the ecological and dollar return on investment in new plantings.


The analysis quantified loss over time, measured existing tree canopy as a baseline, quantified ecosystem benefits, and recommended goals per land use. Modeling with CITYgreen software showed that a 5% increase in ROW tree canopy provides an additional 1.9 million cu. ft in stormwater runoff mitigation, valued at $3.7 million.


Bellevue will incorporate canopy goals into their green infrastructure master plan to mesh policy with existing city codes. This provides basis of the city’s action plan and priority expenditures to increase its canopy cover.

City of Bellevue Urban Forest Ecosystem Benefits

Air Quality Per Year:
$1.5 million

Storm Water Savings:
$123 million

Carbon Stored:
332,000 tons

Carbon Sequestered Per Year:
2,582 tons

Bellevue Land Cover Classification

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