During early morning hours in December, a 20-foot wall of water rushed into the east fork of the Black River in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks. The flood was caused by the catastrophic failure of the Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Plant Upper Reservoir. Within 24 hours following the dam failure, the Missouri DNR and the USGS contacted Sanborn to deploy an aircraft and Lidar sensor to the afflicted area. Sanborn mobilized immediately the next day. After successful completion that evening of the acquisition mission (a 31.4 square mile area), Sanborn delivered the completed bald-earth DEM within two weeks of original data acquisition.

Taum Sauk Dam, Missouri Lidar

San Diego County (Digital Imagery)

San Diego County, California contracted with Sanborn to provide rapid response services in support of their wildfire emergency situation which included up-to-date maps of fire perimeters showing wildfire risk. Sanborn worked directly with multiple emergency management professionals to draft a contract and scope of work. Once the scope of work was finalized and contract executed, Sanborn mobilized within 24 hours and delivered 4-band compressed stereo imagery immediately, and completed additional photogrammetric tasks such as DEM generation and orthorectification.

Search for Steve Fossett (Digital Imagery)

Sanborn provided 1-foot ortho data to aid in the search and rescue effort for the world-famous aviator, Steve Fossett. We were onsite within five hours of notice to proceed and collected more than 1,300 square miles of imagery. Deliveries were staged daily; and all data were delivered within 48 hours of final flight missions. In total, the Sanborn rapid response team orthorectified and delivered more than 3,500 images.

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