The City of Rifle, Colorado, contracted Sanborn to produce new orthoimagery, utility, parcel, planimetric, and topographic data for a project area covering the City of Rifle and the surrounding area.

The project required acquisition of 45 sq. miles of 6″ aerial imagery to support production of 6″ pixel resolution orthoimagery, 2-foot contours, and planimetric mapping data. The project also involved COGO parcel mapping of approximately 4,350 real estate parcels and digitization and/or survey of approximately 5,000 water and sanitary and sewer features.

City of Rifle Sample Imagery

Plan & Topo Features

Mapping Scale:

2 foot contours:
DTM / Breakline / Masspoints

2-Foot Contours (index and intermediate),
Spot Heights


  • 8 bit/ 4-band RGB / NIR imagery
  • 1=100 scale mapping
  • 6 inch pixel
  • True color Orthos
  • Accuracy Standard: ASPRS Class 1 GSD 14cm


  • Curbs
  • Hydro Line (Streams, Culverts)
  • Hydro Polygon (Lake, Pond, River)
  • Indefinite Area
  • Infrastructure (Traffic Signals, Water Tanks, Treatment Plants, Booster Lift Stations)
  • Railroad
  • Road (Edge of Pavement, Bridges)
  • Structures (Building Footprints)
  • Trail (Trail, Paved Trail)
  • Walk (Bike path, Sidewalk)


COGO’d Subdivision and Parcels fit to new orthoimagery


  • Manholes
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Valves
  • Traffic Signs
  • Storm Inlet
  • Storm Manhole
  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Storm Lines

Utilities Features Converted By:

  1. Capture of features from source maps
  2. Survey of digitized and new features
  3. Rectification of data to surveyed locations

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