This article was originally published by Applied Geographics Inc. (AppGeo), a company acquired by The Sanborn Map Company Inc in September 2022.

Leading a team that includes Quantum Spatial and the University of Vermont’s Spatial Analysis Laboratory, AppGeo is working with NYC’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT), City Parks, and the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resilience (ORR) to update the City’s LIDAR and derived data products. Deliverables include: topographic and topobathymetric LIDAR, Digital Elevation Models and Shorelines, and Land Cover and Tree Canopy Change datasets. Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) uses pulses of light to create high-accuracy and high-resolution digital models of both natural and man-made physical characteristics of the earth’s surface. LIDAR has hundreds of uses from creating 3D models of city buildings and streetscapes to accurate topographical measurements of natural land formations.

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