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Objectives of work: 

Through Sanborn’s Spatial IQ program, Pennsylvania’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) obtained the guidance and technical support they needed to migrate and improve an existing Vaccine Locator application. PA HHS had an existing Esri-based Vaccine Locator app that was having trouble keeping up with heavy loads of traffic. They reached out to AppGeo for assistance moving the app onto Google Maps for improved performance. The decision to leverage Google technology was made given the scalability of the Google Maps platform and ease with which new data could be flowed into the application.

After the revised application was deployed by PA DHSS staff, a follow-up meeting was scheduled, a service provided by the Spatial IQ program, to review one months worth of usage data. Pennsylvania was able to identify additional API usage guidance to minimize API usage and also improve performance.

Sanborn’s Spatial IQ Managed Services program allowed PA DHHS to more quickly deploy a performant application to aid in vaccine distribution; and with Sanborn’s guidance on optimization, they were able to avoid overspending on API services.

The State needed an agile solution and was able to execute quickly and meet the basic communication requirements for their citizens even before being able to switch to, the federally-funded vaccine locator managed by the CDC.

Built with:Google Maps Platform

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