Deployment of a web-based GIS server solution

There was heavy rain and catastrophic flooding along Colorado’s Front Range which affected 22 counties, and resulted in widespread destruction of property and the displacement of thousands of people. The Colorado OIT (the technology agency of the State of Colorado) asked Sanborn to develop a web-based GIS server solution to make it convenient for state agencies and the general public to find and download specific geospatial data and imagery.

Project Scope

Sanborn developed and deployed a web-based data discovery tool designed to discover and access imagery data, elevation data, and potentially other large data sets related to a flood incident. Tools were designed to provide different levels of authenticated access based on user credentials. It also included serving of the imagery, elevation, and vector data as a WMS, WFS, or other web service.

Colorado GeoData Cache

Each data footprint is displayed as a wire frame and contains metadata attributes of the frames with hyperlinks to data access. Users are able to select footprints and retrieve attribute data for all footprints in selected locations. Users also can query for data footprints that meet specified conditions. Once a data selection is made, users are presented with a list of attributes for all polygons selected. Analytics for web traffic are captured and OIT staff personnel have been trained on configuring the look and feel of the site’s tools, and on adding additional layers that may be queried.

Site Instructions for Use

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