This article was originally published by Applied Geographics Inc. (AppGeo), a company acquired by The Sanborn Map Company Inc in September 2022.

Access the report:  HPMS Reassessment Recommendations Report.

AppGeo led a team that conducted the FHWA’s 10 year reassessment of the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) to ensure it meets FHWA needs, including the MAP-21 and FAST Act. This project consisted of several stakeholder workshops and webinars with State DOTs to gather information and evaluate their experiences, and discuss operational and technical challenges and opportunities.  Deliverables included the HPMS Requirements Report and Preliminary Recommendations; Regional DOT Workshops and Data Item Report; and Conceptual Data Model. 

The Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) is a national level highway information system managed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) that includes data on the extent, condition, performance, use and operating characteristics of the nation’s highways. A reassessment of HPMS is performed periodically to examine congruence with current legislation, FHWA administrative requirements, and modern technologies. The previous assessment of the system was completed in September of 2008.

The purpose of this reassessment is to determine if legislative laws and ensuing administrative rules that have bearing on HPMS meet current legal requirements, and if the business needs of FHWA stakeholders, data providers (DOTs) and the private sector end users of the data are being met. Broader national data needs and considerations that relate to HPMS were also considered. Findings and recommendations of this 2018 reassessment are covered in the final report delivered to FHWA in July 2018 . The report describes the purpose and needs of HPMS data both at the current time, and looking ahead into the future, including justification for new data items and how they will be used. It also summarizes the recommended changes to HPMS, including: data item additions, removals, and changes; the expansion of the HPMS database to process improvements; and, a proposed strategy for implementing each recommended change.

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