Planimetric Mapping​.

The Power of Planimetric Maps.
Planimetric maps show the position of features on a two-dimensional map. Planimetric maps support precise measurement of location and horizontal (topological) relationships between objects. Planimetric maps can combine visible geographic features – roads, buildings, water boundaries, manhole covers – with invisible features – such as property boundaries, zoning districts, underground pipes – making them a powerful tool for analysis and planning.​

Accurate. Detailed. Comprehensive Maps.

Topographic features that are visible and identifiable on aerial photographs are compiled into map features through imagery processing techniques, photogrammetric compilation, and GIS-based mapping. Consult our team for details on our high rates of feature extraction, accuracy, and range of feature capture options, from utilities, structures, vegetation, roads, water, landmarks, and more.​

planimetric-data-layer-with-aerial-imagery.jpgData with Aerial Imagery
planimetric-data-layer.jpgPlanimetric Data

Operating at scale with detail.

Sanborn has the capacity and experience to operate at the scale – municipal, regional, statewide – , accuracy, and level of detail that you need. We specialize in creating the individual feature layers and map compositions with annotation and metadata that you need for asset management, change detection, and planning.

Statewide Parcels Planimetric
Utility Assets Planimetric
Rights of Way Planimetric