Power Distribution System


  • Master switch (30 AMP rated) for auxiliary power supply and aircraft bus
  • Individual circuit breaker protection for each load
  • Six individual 10-amp switch breakers for protection of each load, and load distribution
  • Allows auto switching from external power to aircraft power without system shutdown
  • The PDS-3R provides six (6) 28VDC outputs and one (1) 12 VDC output

Key Figures.

24 VDC Six 24VDC Outputs

12 VDC One 12VDC Output

Pilot Emergency Shutoff

Product Description.

The PDS-3R is a rack mountable Power Distribution system for the use in Geophysical Survey aircraft. The system is designed with safety in mind, providing protection for sensitive Instrumentation such as Magnetometers, Spectrometers, Gravity meters, and ancillary equipment (GPS, Radar Alt, etc.). The PDS-3R has two inputs, Aircraft power, which is the primary power input, and an Auxiliary input that can be used to connect a ground power supply. This allows the system to be powered while on the ground without starting up the aircraft. The unit automatically detects when power is connected and will automatically switch to ground power (if connected) when the aircraft is powered down. This allows for continuous power for sensitive equipment like Gravity meters that must always remain on power.

The unit also has a remote shut down switch that will allow the pilot to disconnect all power to the equipment immediately in the event of an emergency. It is controlled via a master switch which is installed in the cockpit within easy reach of the pilot.

Will not allow the user to select a power source outside of the acceptable voltage range of 23 Vdc to 32 Vdc.

Geophysical Survey Aircraft

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