Sanborn Orthoimagery.

The primary reference layer for GIS, an orthoimage or orthophoto is a “map accurate” image from data collected from a satellite or aerial platform. Orthophotos are rectified to the Earth’s surface, and adjusted for lens distortion, camera angle and a variety of other variables to create an accurate, measurable representation with uniform scale.

We set ourselves apart by using innovative Sanborn software and procedures to create True Orthos.

We set ourselves apart by using innovative Sanborn proprietary software and procedures to create True Orthos.

Imagery on Your Terms.

Sanborn’s open licensing policy allows purchasers to determine how their data is used and shared within their respective government, university research, or business GIS user community. When you purchase imagery data from Sanborn there are no recurring licensing fees, nor does your right to use the data ever expire. And you have control over the creation and use of derivative products from the data.

  • When we collect data for you, we consider it to be your data. Your access to data does not “time out” and we won’t restrict your usage.
  • Chris Ogier
    Vice President and General Manager, Mapping Division
Chris Ogier

Quality Assurance
at Every Step.

Sanborn owns and operates a fleet of aviation assets (planes, drones) and optical sensors available for imagery acquisition at any U.S. location for project areas of any size or scope. ​

​After capture, the Sanborn team uses state of the art and proprietary tools and methods (manual and automated AI) to produce accurate digital aerial imagery products applying rigorous ISO quality standards through every step of the process. Your data comes with a CP or PLS certificate of accuracy and pixel level documentation (time and date).

Specialized in Statewide Imagery.

For states looking to build imagery programs, Sanborn specializes in high-resolution, large area (statewide) imagery collection programs that offer flexible specification and contracting options, including cost-effective buy up programs for urban areas that deliver additional high-resolution data and custom products.

6 inch Ortho Resolution

In February 2023, Missouri 911 service board initiated the first ever 6-inch resolution statewide imagery program with extensive buy-up options.

Derivative products.

Orthoimagery is a gateway to a wide variety of derivative data products. We employ a combination of imagery processing techniques, photogrammetric compilation, and GIS-based mapping methodologies to extract data features from imagery to support complex natural resource, environmental, planning, or spatial analysis problems, everything from: elevation contours, hydrographic features, street centerlines, building outlines, and much more.

Sanborn Planimetric

How to build an exceptional state imagery program.

Sanborn’s comprehensive services ensure you can run an exceptional state imagery data program. In addition to data collection and processing, Sanborn start-to-finish imagery program services offerings help you take care of all these essentials:​

  • ROI Studies to justify your program​.
  • Strategic plans and technical specification to define your program​.
  • Secure storage and streaming (web-based) services to make your data widely available in a controlled manner​.
  • Imagery data usage monitoring for management and cost control​.
  • Direct support for program administration, promotion and marketing.

You deserve the best Aerial Imagery.

The Sanborn team helps you to navigate to the best options – acquisition platform, resolution, quality, currency, cost, licensing restrictions, and other factors – for your specific use case.​ Contact us to contract with Sanborn or learn how to fund your project.