Sanborn Oblique Imagery.

Oblique Imagery affords views of the facades and sides of objects (four 45-degree views). Oblique imagery can be used to see the sides of ground features, discern additional ground details, see architectural details, take measures of height and other dimensions, and generally improve the interpretation of ground features and analysis of change detection.

We make it easy to work with oblique imagery.

The Sanborn Oblique Analyst® features a suite of easy-to-use oblique imagery tools designed for analysis – find buildings, properties, and infrastructure, take measurements, detect changes, and share maps and screen views. With the Sanborn Oblique Extension (SOE) you can work with Sanborn’s oblique data in Esri’s ArcGIS desktop environment.

With Sanborn
you own your data.

Sanborn’s open licensing policy allows purchasers to determine how the data is used and shared within their respective government, university research, or business GIS user community. When you purchase oblique imagery data from Sanborn there are no recurring licensing fees, nor does your right to use the data ever expire.

Buy from Sanborn for maximum flexibility and ownership rights over your oblique imagery data. ​

Save money. Buy the exact data you need.

By employing our own aircraft and state-of-the-art digital oblique imagery sensors and acquisition systems, we can deliver the exact area of interest, resolution, delivery schedule, update frequency, and other imagery specifications that you need for your intended uses.

Sanborn pilot

Increase your geospatial ROI.

When you combine the purchase of oblique imagery with other data collection and Sanborn products and services you increase your geospatial ROI.

The Sanborn team helps you to navigate to the best options – acquisition platform, resolution, quality, currency, cost, licensing restrictions, and other factors – for your specific use case.​ Contact us to contract with Sanborn or learn how to fund your project.