Sanborn Oblique Analyst®.

Oblique imagery analysis at your fingertips.

Oblique imagery is the key data set for detailed property, building and infrastructure inspection and measurement. Sanborn Oblique Analyst (Oblique Analyst®) sets the standard for working with oblique imagery. It’s easy of use and offers a full range of functionality.

Oblique Analyst

Demo Oblique Analyst at different imagery resolutions.

2 1/2 inch Oblique Analyst Demo4 inch Oblique Analyst Demo6 inch Oblique Analyst Demo

Oblique Analyst increases your productivity.

See property detail and be more productive in the office. Reduce and improve the efficiency of time spent in the field. Pan, zoom, search by address. Take accurate measurement of height, length and area, and location. Annotate, mark-up, and share.

Oblique Analyst

Bring all your data into one useful view.

Oblique Imagery integrates with Esri ArcGIS allowing you to bring in point, line, and polygon data layers for overlay with oblique imagery, a powerful way to expand the possibilities for useful review and analysis of your environment.

Sanborn Oblique Esri Desktop Extension