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    UAS Data Processing Support

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    Sanborn is pioneering the development of new geospatial products and services for the emerging Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Sanborn has developed a production environment for cloud-based data processing from third- party (Client) acquired data.

    We have conducted multiple projects supporting the processing of geospatial data for:

    • Supplemental surveying and mapping for engineering, transportation
    • Asset inspections and monitoring for energy/utilities/telecommunications
    • Inspections and volumetric calculations for mining
    • Quantity tracking, fulfillment verification, and schedule tracking for architecture and construction
    • Crop and ecological monitoring for environmental and agriculture applications
    • Integrated incident management functionality for security and first responders
    • Damage assets from natural disasters for insurance and government

    Sanborn has developed the capabilities to deliver the following products from data (images and video) collected from UAS platforms, including imagery/video products, DEM products, vector products and analytic products.[full_width class=”bkgdgraytwelve” padding=”9px 18px 0px 18px”]

    Sanborn supports multiple data processing workflows including:

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    • Automated geo-referencing, aerial triangulation and survey densification
    • Imagery based surface, terrain and contour modeling
    • Lidar calibration and classifications
    • Imagery and video geocoding


      • Ortho imagery processing
      • 3D rendering and visualization flythrough
      • Feature extraction
      • Semi-automated asset degradation assessment
      • Thermography

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    The products can be delivered to the customer in the desired formats, projection, datum and units in any of the following delivery platforms:[one_half class=”twelvepara” padding=”0px 24px 0px 0px”]

        • Cloud solution, has Sanborn has developed comprehensive web-based platforms and tools that allow for product dissemination and consumption utilizing a cloud-based system. Sanborn’s sophisticated IT infrastructure allows customers to access their datasets seamlessly through secure password protected access arrangements.

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        • Hard media, such as CD, hard-disk, or thumb drive
        • FTP, as the smaller size of the UAS datasets allows for electronic transfers

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    For more information or to order Sanborn HD Maps Products or Services, call Sanborn customer service at 1.866.SANBORN (1.866.726.2676), or contact us by e-mail at information@sanborn.com.[/full_width]

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