•  August 3, 2023

    Sanborn Hires Richard Butgereit as Chief Information Officer

    Colorado Springs, Colo. (August 3, 2023) – The Sanborn Map Company, Inc (Sanborn) is pleased to announce that it has hired Richard Butgereit to be its Chief Information Office (CIO).

    Richard has decades of experience in enterprise information management and IT team leadership and a deep understanding of geospatial data and information technologies that he gained as CIO for the Florida Division of Emergency Management and while serving as Director of Catastrophe Response for Vexcel/Geospatial Insurance Consortium (GIC).

    “Richard brings to our team the ideal combination of expertise and experience; he knows how to manage enterprise IT operations, and he is an expert in the effective use of geospatial technologies,” said John Copple, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

    In this role, Richard will be responsible for overseeing Sanborn’s Information Technology (IT) needs, which includes managing and implementing technology (both hardware and software) and software development to support the company’s goals.

    “Richard will ensure Sanborn continues to use the best technologies and systems that match our vision of providing Comprehensive Geospatial Solutions tailored to the needs of our customers,” said Copple.

    “Joining Sanborn is a great opportunity, and I am excited to work with the talented, highly experienced, and dedicated team in place here at Sanborn,” said Butgereit. “Sanborn is already an established leader in data acquisition and the creation of innovative geospatial tools and SAAS solutions that serve our customers, and with the addition of our AppGeo Division rounding out our complete geospatial solutions, I am looking forward to leading our IT strategy across the company to new heights.”

    About The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

    Sanborn has an unbroken record of mapping that began in 1866. Today, Sanborn is pioneering an approach, Comprehensive Geospatial Solutions, that helps customers meet their information needs, overcome technology adoption challenges, and integrate location intelligence into everyday operations. Sanborn’s Comprehensive Geospatial Solutions expertly combine aerial, ground, and mobile imagery and lidar data acquisition and mapping with geospatial IT problem solving, spatial analysis, custom application development, GIS strategic planning, cloud-based mapping platforms, commercial imagery, our own geospatial SAAS solutions, and a range of managed and onsite GIS services options.

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