•  November 9, 2015

    Sanborn Drone Brings Denver Golf Courses to Life

    High-Definition Images Give Golfers Incredible Bird’s-Eye Views

    Colorado Springs, Colo. (Nov. 9, 2015)—The City of Denver has contracted with the Sanborn Map Company, Inc. (Sanborn) to collect high-resolution, full-motion video imagery of the city’s seven public golf courses and its Aqua Golf facility.

    The city will use the images for marketing, as well as to give golfers a bird’s-eye view of every hole with realistic fly-overs down each fairway from the tee box to the green. Denver’s courses are among the most beautiful in the nation. Its Overland Park course is steeped with history, as it is the oldest operating course west of the Mississippi River.

    “We launched our new golf website earlier this year and now we look forward to adding the Sanborn imagery,” says Leslie Wright, Denver Golf director of marketing. “Our course locations range from densely populated urban areas to mountainous terrain with elevations above 7,000 feet. We also had a very tight window in which to perform the work. Considering these diverse challenges, Sanborn has approached the project with a high degree of professionalism and has been great to work with.”

    Sanborn employs a commercial-grade unmanned aircraft system (UAS) from Denver-based Leptron Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The UAS is capable of producing unprecedented accuracy and resolution, including high-quality, engineering-grade digital terrain models (DTMs) exceeding 2-inch accuracy; multispectral frame imagery at sub-centimeter resolution; and crisp, vibration-free video. Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Administration granted Sanborn a Section 333 Exemption, which permits the firm to offer commercial UAS services nationwide.

    “Sanborn’s UAS technology is a great fit for a host of customers,” affirms Sanchit Agarwal, director of mapping operations. “Among them are police and fire departments, agricultural operations, utilities, oil & gas concerns, emergency response managers, local government, mine operators and the media.”

    In addition to media projects like the Denver golf courses, Sanborn’s UAS applications include damage assessment and response efforts, site mapping, water resource mapping, volumetric assessment and asset estimation, highway survey and accident mapping, corridor asset review, assessment and mapping, and precision agriculture.

    Click here to view a Sanborn UAS video of the 17th hole at Denver’s Evergreen Golf Course.

    About The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

    Sanborn (www.sanborn.com) is a preeminent leader in the exploding geospatial industry, delivering state-of-the-art mapping solutions to customers worldwide. The firm currently operates a fleet of 14 aircraft located strategically across the United States. Embracing cutting-edge technology, Sanborn specializes in oblique aerial imagery, aerial and mobile light detection and ranging (Lidar) mapping, aerial orthophotography, 3-D modeling and visualization software and services, indoor mapping with its proprietary SPIN robot, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) sales, services and image processing, and a host of geospatial software development.

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