•  January 17, 2017

    Sanborn Delivers Dynamic New Integrations, Tools, and Functions for Sanborn Oblique Analyst® Software

    Online Oblique Imagery Viewer Includes Dynamic New Tools for Oblique Imagery Measurement and Analysis

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Jan. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. (Sanborn) is pleased to announce the release of Sanborn Oblique Analyst 2.0, featuring an updated suite of user-friendly tools and integrations for its Oblique Analyst web viewer. The software’s new components add integration with Sanborn partner software and improve functionality available to users.

    Sanborn Oblique Analyst 2.0 is a web-based viewer featuring a suite of easy-to-use tools designed for desktop analysis of oblique imagery. The angles inherent to oblique imagery allow users to see the nadir (straight down) and four 45° oblique views of the dataset for visual research, measurement, and analysis from multiple perspectives. Oblique Analyst is a valuable inspection, analysis, and planning tool for assessors, appraisers, real estate developers, construction professionals, architects, engineers, city planners, and E911 first responders.

    Sanborn Oblique Analyst 2.0 has been updated with the following capabilities:

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    • Integration with Cyclomedia’s GlobeSpotter
    • Integration with Hexagon ERDAS Imagine Software
    • Integration with Esri Canada Assessment Analyst
    • Integration with Sanborn’s Change Detection Module
    • Geocoded address search
    • Query multiple databases for parcel search
    • Esri-hosted WMS compatible
    • Customer-hosted base map compatibility
    • Integration with most property / tax assessment software
    • Vector layers labeling and overlay capability
    • Users can change base maps and seamlessly zoom in / out
    • Function to allow copying of the current view’s navigation URL for sharing
    • Ability to stamp coordinates for any location in the viewer


    About The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

    Sanborn (www.sanborn.com) is an innovator in the modern geospatial industry, delivering state-of-the-art mapping, visualization and 3D solutions for customers worldwide. The firm currently operates a fleet of aircraft located strategically across the United States. Embracing cutting-edge technology, Sanborn specializes in oblique aerial imagery, aerial and mobile light detection and ranging (Lidar) mapping, aerial orthophotography, 3D modeling and visualization software and services, indoor mapping with its proprietary SPIN robot, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) sales, services and image processing, and a host of geospatial software products.

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