•  January 24, 2019

    Sanborn announces version 2 release of GeoServe™ Lidar Viewer and QC Interface

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., January 23, 2019 /BUSINESS WIRE/ — After 2 years of successful deployment of the GeoServe™ Lidar Viewer and Quality Control (QC) Interface (first announced in 2017), Sanborn has now added new features to enhance clients’ ability to view and analyze lidar point cloud data immediately after initial processing.

    The GeoServe™ Lidar Viewer and QC Interface serves point cloud data through a user-friendly, web-based interface from a secure cloud environment. The Sanborn GeoServe™ Lidar Viewer delivers the following benefits:

    • Provides ease and standard documentation for data quality review needed for contract monitoring and compliance
    • Facilitates coordination between many data reviewers, even when geographically separated
    • Instant access to online point cloud data for review by Sanborn Lidar clients
    • Accelerated QA/QC review, as clients can flag potential issues for Sanborn technicians to immediately review and resolve
    • Secure project management, including role-based access to the data
    • Streamlined processing and standardized documentation, which is invaluable for contract monitoring and compliance
    • Faster data delivery times for clients, as the need for hardcopy shipping can be reduced or eliminated
    • Reduced client-side IT involvement, as Sanborn can manage the cloud environment

    “The GeoServe™ website and data can be hosted in the public cloud for customers requiring a high guaranteed uptime (Service Level Agreement),” said Dr. Sharad Oberoi, Sanborn’s Director of IT & Software Engineering. “Global load-balancing technology is configured in such cases to distribute incoming requests across pools of instances, thereby achieving maximum performance, throughput and availability.”

    The use and capabilities of the viewer will be presented during the upcoming “Geo Week 2019” in Denver, Colo.

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