•  June 5, 2024

    Spatial IQ for MapGeo Webinar – Unraveling Buildings in GIS

    Recorded Live Thursday, June 27th

    Building footprints serve a wide range of use cases from being a simple visual on a tax map to urban planning, emergency response, infrastructure management, and environmental assessments. Can you be doing more with your GIS building footprints? Join us as we break down the basics of building footprints and discuss ways to extract and analyze GIS building footprints.

    We’ll delve topics such as:

    • Buildings Level of Detail (LOD)
    • Feature Extraction using automated technologies
    • Change Detection
    • Building footprint use cases


    Rebecca DavisRebecca Davis, Project Manager, 9 years GIS experience focused on municipal government data from parcels to utilities systems.

    Chris Genovese, Customer Support Engineer, 25 years of GIS experience focusing on data integration and analysis with emerging technologies.

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