•  May 16, 2023

    Maximizing the Usefulness of Lidar Data

    Maximizing the Usefulness of Lidar Data Webinar

    About this Webinar

    Over the last decade we have witnessed the shift from low resolution elevation models to engineering level lidar elevation models. This shift has been paralleled by advances in lidar technology that allow us to visualize, analyze and create derivative 3D models and enhanced terrain data from lidar point clouds with amazing accuracy.

    This webinar will show how to maximize the usefulness of lidar data by leveraging those derivative models and data products. Our experts, Jason Caldwell, VP of Business Development and Sales, and Srini Dharmapuri, PhD, VP and Chief Scientist, will:

    • Explore a range of useful derivative products from lidar point clouds providing examples of how they can be used in modeling and analysis.
    • Demonstrate tools for managing, visualizing, and sharing lidar data products so that a wider range of users can benefit.

    In addition to elevation models, the derivative point cloud product types that we will explore include:

    • Topography and Terrain
    • Land Cover and Enhanced Vegetation
    • Hydrography
    • 2D/3D Buildings and Digital Twin Base Maps
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