•  August 18, 2020

    Closing the Gap Between PSAPs and the GIS Community for Next Generation 911 (NG911)

    This article was originally published by Applied Geographics Inc. (AppGeo), a company acquired by The Sanborn Map Company Inc in September 2022.

    Synopsis: Google Maps Platform is the most familiar mapping platform on the planet. In this webinar, we feature the all new Quick Builder tool and other improvements that make it easier than ever to improve your performance and save on costs. These updates are easy to implement and will immediately transform your mapping apps to create much more compelling visualizations.

    Key Topics:

    • All-new 3D visualization options, Web GL, and oblique view angles
    • Web 3.0 style Maps customization with no-coding required
    • Newly released Quick Builder tool, quick-build store locator, checkout tools, and control for local context

    AppGeo is a Google Maps Platform Premier Partner with hundreds of commercial and government customers on the Google Maps Platform.

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