•  October 25, 2023

    Binning, Bundling and Bargaining: How to Navigate the BEAD Broadband Program Subgrantee Process 

    Webinar recorded live November 8th, 2023

    BSL Bundling and Bargaining refers to the methods by which you combine serviceable locations into areas for subgrant awards, a starting point for effective negotiation.

    In this webinar our panel of BEAD planners, broadband analysts, and geospatial data scientists will

    • Describe how the state BB Office can arm itself with the right data to include in the subgrantee process and negotiations
    • Explore the Pros and Cons of how different states are defining project areas for subgrantees
    • Show you some approaches and analytics you can use to evaluate your state’s unique combination of factors that drive costs and project boundaries
    • Help states ensure that broadband resources go as far as possible to close the digital divide

    We invite you to pour a fresh cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join the conversation.

    Bill JohnsonModerating the conversation and fielding your questions will be Bill Johnson, Senior Broadband Consultantat Sanborn, has been leading broadband projects since 2009, including 5 years with the State of New York and 2 years as GIS Director at USAC in Washington DC.  For the past 5 years he has been guiding Sanborn’s outreach and strategy on state broadband projects.

    Responding to Bill’s and your questions will be:

    Chris PedersenChris Pedersen, Executive Vice President at Connected Nation, for the past 14 years has been working nationally on broadband access, adoption, and use issues and opportunities with non-profit Connected Nation.

    Justin FazzariJustin Fazzari, Senior Broadband Strategist at Sanborn, has spent the last five years engaged in national broadband policy and was Manager of Broadband Analytics and Mapping for NTIA before joining the Sanborn team earlier this year. He leads efforts to communicate on broadband issues, strategies, and policy.

    Mark GrinbergMark Grinberg, Broadband Project Manager at Sanborn, is currently helping Broadband Offices in several states prepare their tools and data strategy for the state challenge process. He leads several state broadband analysis and application development projects.

    Ashley TardifAshley Tardif, Broadband Data Scientist at Sanborn, coordinates a spatial and data analysis team and is the lead for designing and implementing Sanborn broadband data analysis and modeling activities for several states’ broadband offices.

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