Integrated Data Acquisition/Navigation System for Airborne Survey


  • Complete Data Acquisition System
  • Integrated Navigation system showing real time survey information
  • Integrated MMS-8 Magnetometer Processing
  • Store and display a range of data from a variety of Geophysical Sensors
  • Customizable navigation and data displays

Key Figures.

8 Magnometer Inputs (MMS-8)

6.5 Kg Weight

8 RS-232 Ports

Product Description.

IMPAC is a NEW real-time data acquisition and navigation system designed for airborne geophysical exploration and environmental science applications. IMPAC-M combines the field proven technology of Sanborn’s AGIS and MMS-8 instruments into a single rack-mountable enclosure. IMPAC-M follows Sanborn’s modular
design structure allowing the system to become highly flexible and easily reconfigurable. The design allows a wide variety of Sanborn’s “intelligent instruments” and third-party sensors and instruments to be quickly interfaced. The system eliminates the need for much of the normal interconnect wiring between modules.

  • ANAV: Survey navigation with drape profile option; recorded position and time can be synchronized with third party data.
  • IMPAC: Survey navigation with drape profule option; data acquisition for variety of sensors.
  • IMPAC-M: Survey navigation with drape profile option; data acquisition; support of up to 8 C’s magnetometers.

Performance Characteristics.

  • Rack-mountable airborne data acquistion system operating under Windows OS
  • Multicore CPU, SSD hard drive, analog inputs, and power interface for multiple type of detectors
  • Imbedded MMS-8 magnetometer processor module with real-time magnetic compensation support
  • Imbedded navigation module – provides 2D and 3D navigation capability
  • Color LCD touch screen (operator screen) display and keyboard
  • Pilot Guidance Unit (PGU) – cockpit mountable 7” screen providing dedicated survey navigation information to pilots
  • Multiple instrumentation interfaces
  • Data recording directly to solid-state hard disk drive
  • Autonomous Mode: No Operator required

Product Characteristics.

  • Data Acquisition software: AGIS (Airborne Geophysical Information System)
  • CPU – 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Dual and Quad Core; BGA1364
  • Magnetometer Sensor Input: 8
  • Realtime and post processing Mag compensation
  • Interface for Multiple Sensors: 4 X USB (2x frontside, 3x backside), 8x RS232 serial ports
  • Eight 16-bit differential analog inputs
  • GPS input and 2 buffered 1-PPS outputs for time synchronization
  • Multiple Ethernet connections
  • 28V DC power input
  • Weight: 6.5 Kg
  • Rack mountable
IMPAC Charts

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