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Imagery Content Programs — the Dominos are Falling

Hexagon’s Content+ program is knocking down the barriers to the adoption of licensed imagery content (2 min. read).

Hexagon Imagery

Why choose the Hexagon Content Programs.

  • High level of photogrammetric accuracy
  • 30 cm coast-to-coast resolution
  • 15 cm metro area
  • Blue sky data acquisition
  • Feature extraction capabilities
  • Partner-driven organization
  • Effortlessly manage streaming
  • Hexagon did their homework. They knew exactly what they had, and they came back to us with options.
  • Richard Wade, Deputy Executive Director and GIO,
    Texas Natural Resources Information System

Hexagon’s new Content+ program offers more flexibility.

  • Leaf-off imagery acquisition

  • Increased refresh schedule per AOI or statewide

  • Increased image resolution

  • Existing or new data specifications

  • Flexible buy-ups for additional geospatial data products

State GIOs talk about the value of their imagery content programs.

Utah GIO Matt Peters and Texas GIO Richard Wade explain why they converted to Imagery as a Service (IaaS) on the Hexagon Content Program and what it has meant in terms of cost and value.

Five minute highlight reel.

Join the Imagery Streaming Revolution with Giza Tile Serving Appliance.

  • Easy-to-use, low-cost basemaps as a service
  • Fast, reliable, OGC Compliant WMS/WMTS
  • Great value, convenience, and reliability
  • Works in the cloud
  • Download JP2000 and store on-premise
  • State of the practice technology
  • Affordable options for streaming

Still have questions about Hexagon’s Content and Content+ Programs.

Hexagon’s new Content+ Program builds on the foundation of its original Content Program, and provides even greater flexibility. Learn all of the details in this in-depth webinar on Content+ from Hexagon’s Katie Fitzsimmons.