Helicopter Surveys.

High Resolution Helicopter Geospatial Surveys

Tile Derivative

Tilt Derivative

Helicopter Magnetics.

  • High Resolution Magnetics (Towed Bird or Stinger)
  • MagComp Realtime Magnetic Compensation System
  • Total Field or Gradient option available


  • Industry leading Airborne Radiometric System
  • Large Volume Detectors (up to 42L)

Helicopter Time Domain Electromagnetics System.

  • Sanborn Helicopter Electromagnetics System
  • Compact, rigid system with 325,000 NAI and depth penetration over 450m

TDEM Survey – Moss Lake ON.

Magnetic and Electromagnetic Survey Data

Moss Lake Magnetic Survey
Moss Lake Electromagnetic Survey Data

Data Courtesy of Kesselrun Resources

High Resolution Magnetometer Survey – Snow Lake MB.

High Resolution Magnetic Data

Total Magnetic Intensity TMI

Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI)

Horizontal Gradient

Horizontal Gradient

Data Courtesy of Snow Lake Lithium

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