High Definition (HD) Mapping.

HD Mapping drives autonomous vehicles.
HD Map datasets contain significantly more detailed information and true-ground absolute-accuracy than currently found in conventional transportation data resources. Sanborn has been creating detailed HD maps since 2015.

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HD Mapping for all situations.

HD Mapping Urban Datasets
HD Mapping Highway Datasets
HD Mapping Specialty Datasets

Ingredients of an HD Map.

Painted Lines – Painted lines assembled as precision 3D map features, polygons, and lines.​

Signs – Signs represented as locational precision XYZ features designed to guide the most advanced target recognition for high precision optical localization.​

3D Building Models – Buildings constructed and attributed with height points for advanced 3D City Model visualization.​

Signals and Stop Lines – Traffic signals and stop lines collected in absolute 3D XYZ space delivering precise locations for intersection control protocols.​

Semantic Data – Lanes, Junctions, and Road Segments are encoded in the map data attribution tables.​

HD Map Precision 3D Road Network Data