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We are the Google Maps Partner that guides you through the API selection process

The Google Maps Platform is made up of APIs and JavaScript libraries that provide mapping, routing, and place-based functions and data. Sanborn ensures you are hitting the sweet spot between cost-effectiveness and performance of possible API combinations.

Google Maps APIs Maps


Interactive maps your users know and love. Advanced map styling that fits your brand. 3D, Street View and more.

  • Static Maps API
  • Static Street View API
  • Maps Embed API
  • Elevation API
  • Dynamic Maps (JS)
  • Dynamic Street View (JS)
Google Maps APIs Routes


Best-in-class traffic and routing. Detailed directions from point A to B. Multimodal support for vehicles, walking, transit, and biking.

  • Roads API
  • Distance Matrix API
  • Directions API
Google Maps APIs Places


Over 200 million detailed points of interest. Save time with autocomplete. Geocode with confidence.

  • Geocoding API
  • Geolocation API
  • Place Details API
  • Place Photos API
  • Time Zones API
  • Autocomplete API
  • Current Place (JS)

Sanborn’s wraparound services make it easy to get started

  1. Identify the right Google Maps APIs for your use case.
  2. Get started for free, and unlock volume discounts.
  3. Manage your subscription cost effectively on the Google Console.
  4. Create custom applications with “build for” or “build with” design and development services.
  5. Support when you need it though our Spatial IQ Managed Services Program.
Drive Texas map

We rebuilt DriveTexas from scratch in two months. Read the story.

Build Unbreakable Mapping Systems

The team always brings a highly consultative and engaging approach to the table, and they are experts in application modernization and effectively anything involving our amazing platform and use cases involving geospatial services.

Jack O’Connell, Sr. Account Executive, Google

Customize Your User Experiences

Our purpose is to assist health care providers with the implementation of successful telehealth programs and to help patients locate telehealth services and have a positive experience using telehealth. The mapping application that was built for us using Google products is an innovative tool and a huge benefit to those we serve in our large region covering AK, ID, MT, OR, UT, WA, and WY.

– Matt McCullough, PhD – Director of Telehealth Services, UETN (Utah Education & Telehealth Network)

NRTRC Telehealth Locator

We built this ridiculously simple to use, yet extraordinarily useful Telehealth finder for NRTRC. Read the story.

Pennsylvania Vaccine Locator

We helped HHS developers meet an urgent deadline. Read the Story

Help For Your Developers

The team did a great job on assessing our needs based on our limited knowledge with Google Maps. They provided clear solutions when needed, but they also provided us with general guidance so that we could attempt to solve the issues ourselves and save hours.

Pensylvania Department of Human Services

Express Your Data Geographically

The Rutgers University campus map built with Google Maps integrates several data systems, such as Rutgers’ ArcGIS Online account and Archibus facilities database. Building information, public transportation, parking, biking, real estate and utilities data are always up to date. Secure login provides additional data and features for campus staff and facility managers.

– Michele Giorgianni, Sanborn Project Manager

Rutgers University Campus Map

Campus Map for three campuses, 900 buildings, and 6,000 acres. Read the story.

Sanborn’s job is to help you

  1. Learn how to get started for free.
  2. Contact Sanborn for a price quote and guidance on choosing the right APIs based on your use cases.
  3. Check out our self-help Google Maps Platform video library on The Mapping Channel.
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