Sanborn GeoServe.

GeoServe is the gateway to your spatial data.

Sanborn GeoServe (GeoServe) is Sanborn’s family of applications for accessing, managing, and analyzing geospatial data. GeoServe complements Sanborn’s data acquisition deliveries for orthoimagery, oblique imagery, lidar and other mapping data by providing tools for data streaming, downloading, sharing, and data review and QA/QC tools built on top of Sanborn’s secure data storage infrastructure.

Geoserve Gateway
  • Geoserve’s family of applications deliver immediate value for all our customers giving them easy, secure, and reliable access to their imagery and lidar data, along with control over data access and distribution. During data delivery, the GeoServe Gateway facilitates customer access to the family of tools.
  • Richard Butgereit
    CIO Sanborn
Richard Butgereit

How GeoServe works.

Sanborn aerial survey, imagery, lidar, and remote sensing data customers gain access to their own secure GeoServe Gateway where their data is accessible through a family of specialized applications: Flight Analyst, Image Analyst, GeoData Explorer, Lidar Analyst, Oblique Analyst®, Change Analyst, and more.

Specialized QC tools make it easy for customers to review deliverables as soon as they are available online, speeding up the data delivery process.

GeoServe applications

Flight Analyst.

Provides real-time access to clients regarding the status of project acquisition as well as locations of deployed aircrafts.

Flight Analyst

Image Analyst.

Serves imagery through web-services for client access and provide tools for QC review before final delivery.

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Image Analyst

Oblique Analyst®.

Available both within the Gateway or as a stand-alone application, Oblique Imagery affords views of the facades and sides of objects (four 45-degree views). With Oblique Analyst see the sides of ground features, discern additional ground details, see architectural details, take measures of height and other dimensions, and generally improve the interpretation of ground features and analysis of change detection.

Oblique Analyst

GeoData Explorer.

Serves aerial and lidar data with tools to allow users to discover, access, download, and analyze geospatial data of all types.

Geodata Explorer

Lidar Analyst.

View and analyze lidar data via a web-browser.

Lidar Analyst

Change Analyst.

Provides workflow for identifying change within lidar or imagery datasets.

Change Detection