Broadband Navigator.

A platform for data visualization, mapping, and analysis for broadband.

Broadband Navigator

Together we can close the digital divide.

At the heart of the Sanborn broadband data strategy is the Broadband Navigator, a web-based application for broadband data visualization, state challenge process management, subgrantee selection, and two-way communication between the state broadband office and ISPs, subgrantees, local governments, non-profits, law makers, and the public.

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Michigan Broadband Navigator
  • Sanborn has been mapping broadband for more than a decade, building exemplary data portals and broadband data collection and crowd-sourcing systems. Our work with states under the current NTIA program informs our continuing expansion of the functionality of the Broadband Navigator.
  • Justin Fazzari
    Senior Broadband Strategist​​
Justin Fazzari

Broadband Navigator meets NTIA requirements for the State Challenge Process.

Broadband Navigator helps states meet NTIA requirements for the state challenge process. Sanborn broadband experts have translated NTIA requirements into business logic coded into the Navigator. Broadband Navigator functionality facilitates the stepwise process of data review, testing and validation, submittal of evidence, adjudication, and reporting that involves interaction between the State Broadband Office and ISPs, the public, Community Anchor Institutions, and others.

Challenge Process

Navigator helps you to gather the evidence.

Broadband Navigator guides users through the process of uploading or creating data to support the state challenge process, including speed testing. All data is logged, data stamped, secured, and available for review in the adjudication process.

Oklahoma Broadband Speed Data

From evidence to adjudication in one collaborative interface.

Broadband Navigator helps state broadband offices keep track of and process state challenges submitted by ISPs, anchor institutions or the public, from the submittal of evidence to its review and adjudication. Broadband Navigator supports a collaborative environment for state staff so they can sequentially or jointly review challenges. With Navigator, each reviewer can check or change status, make notes, review the evidence, task and communicate with others to advance the process.

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