•  April 22, 2019

    Google is No Longer Selling Aerial Imagery

    This article was originally published by Applied Geographics Inc. (AppGeo), a company acquired by The Sanborn Map Company Inc in September 2022.

    Google is phasing out their aerial imagery program

    In November 2017, we wrote a blog about how Google is now selling aerial imagery. Only a year and a half after we published the blog, Google is allocating resources in a different direction in the aerial imagery game.

    The markets Google Imagery served

    Google was primarily focused on delivering 6″ (15 cm) resolution. This type of imagery is commonly used by construction (roofing, solar), insurance/appraisal, government entities (transportation, public safety, urban planning), and utility companies.

    Comparable products

    Aerial imagery is a fairly niche market with relatively few active players. Because Google specialized in 15 cm imagery, only airborne (flown) imagery is a comparable product. So where do you look now?

    Aerial Imagery providers like Hexagon and Eagleview compare favorably with 15 cm multi-spectral resolution. Other providers are focused on greater resolution (which comes at a higher cost) and greater frequency (which comes at a lower resolution).

    To dig deeper into comparable solutions, read our 2022 Aerial Imagery Comparison eBook, which compares top brands in the world of aerial imagery.

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