•  September 21, 2023

    Getting Started With Google Maps Platform for Business

    Why use Google Maps for business?

    The Google Maps Platform (GMP) is one of the most powerful developer toolboxes for bringing location intelligence into your business workflows.

    1. It gives developers the tools they need: access to useful APIs for specific location-based functions combined with Google’s detailed places and base map data.
    2. It is fast and reliable because the Platform takes advantage of the performance and scalability of Google Cloud.
    3. It provides the best user experiences because of user familiarity with Google’s base map cartography and map features.

    Google’s API-driven approach makes it easy to deploy high performance and highly scalable maps and mapping functions into your applications.

    How much does Google Maps Platform cost?

    Google Maps pricing is broken down into three main API groupings – Maps APIs, Routes APIs, and Places APIs. Each of these API groupings are priced slightly different.

    1. Maps API costs are driven by volume of loads (views) either in Static loads (pre-rendered still-images) or Dynamic loads (embeddable, interactive maps) via users of the Maps API and by use of Street View – which is priced separately.  For both the Maps and Street View APIs, a Dynamic load enables the user to navigate around the map or 3D Street View freely.
    2. Routes API costs are driven by volume of calls (API calls) and elements (actions taken) for Directions – which costs are driven via standard and Advanced Directions APIs calls, Distance Matrix elements (number of origins x number of destinations), and Roads elements (comprised of Route Traveled, Nearest Road, and Speed Limit APIs).
    3. Places API costs are driven by volume of Autocompletes (priced per session), Places requests (Places details requests and Places data requests), and calls. Places API pricing depends on which combination of sessions, requests, and calls a user takes.
    4. Gaming API costs are priced per volume of Daily Active Users (DAU). At 1.5 million DAUs, costs drop from $10.00 per 1,000 DAUs to $8.00 per 1,000 DAUs.

    Are Google Maps APIs Expensive?

    Getting started can be very affordable, as a $200 per month credit is available to all Google Maps Platform customers. This is equivalent to, for example, 28,000 dynamic map loads, or 40,000 geocodes.

    For larger implementations (such as a store locator being used by potentially millions of people), companies can work with a Google Maps partner to unlock volume discounts, improve optimization, and provide the richest, most effective use of APIs.

    What does Google’s Local Context, capability do for my business?

    Alongside Google, we debuted the latest Maps and Places API features on this virtual presentation held with Googler Katie Crawford (Partner Sales Manager):

    What are the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service?

    Understanding how Licensing and Terms of Service apply to your use cases can be a tricky endeavor, but Sanborn is here to help.

    Wondering how your use case complies? Get in touch with our team to set up a Google Maps strategy session. We’ll walk through all of your anticipated uses and requirements and answer your questions about compliance with the Google Maps Platform terms of service.

    Once you are underway with the Google Maps Platform, our team of Maps and Cloud experts can audit your use cases and applications, and work with your organization to find solutions to common issues, helping you to get the most value out of your implementation.

    Can I get on Google Maps Platform access without a credit card?

    Yes, simply follow the link to this page and Sanborn can set you up on our Partner console right away. All Google Maps Platform sales flow through its partner network. Sanborn is one of a select group of Google Maps Partners for Location-based Services, Google Maps Platform, and Google Cloud sales. With 29 years of geospatial IT consulting experience, Sanborn is your best bet for getting the most out of your Google investment, beginning with setting you up on the Partner Console and helping your team get started.

    How do I get a Google Maps API Key?

    Creating and provisioning an API key is done within the Google Cloud console.

    API Keys reside within a specific project, of which your organization may have one or more. Once a project is created, Keys can be restricted for either a specific API, or setup to be used across a project. Sanborn can help you establish best practices for monitoring usage, budgets, and account audits.

    How do I get help building applications with Google Maps Platform?

    Many resources are available through Google’s Maps Developer page including tutorials and walkthroughs, but for those looking to do more advanced integrations or custom development, Sanborn is here to help! Sanborn offers both a platform support program and custom development options. Sanborn’s Spatial IQ – Managed Services for Google Maps is offered to all of our customers. Spatial IQ is your gateway to expert advice from a Google Maps partner that has earned Google’s Location-Based Services certification. If your organization is not currently using Google Maps, contact Sanborn for a free strategy session and we can set you up on our Google Partner billing console at the best possible price.

    For more information on Google Maps Platform, download our Mapping Platform Comparison Guide.

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