Wildfire Management

Wildfires annually destroy millions of dollars of property and other assets throughout the United States. Not only do wildfires present a threat to human life and related structures, they also affect air quality, greenhouse gas accumulation, recreation, timber harvests, hydrology, wildlife, and ecosystem health. With increasing human expansion into areas that are more prone to wildfires, the risk to property and human lives will grow significantly unless comprehensive fire management plans are implemented.

Click here to view a map showing the Sanborn Colorado Wildfire Susceptibility Index (WFSI).

Sanborn's wildfire management offerings are designed to increase the efficiency of risk reduction programs with cost-effective remote sensing and decision support solutions. By targeting areas of high-risk and loss potential, and identifying the actual sources of hazards, our services can provide consistent, up-to-date information to support aggressive fire management programs. At Sanborn, we leverage a combination of remote sensing, GIS, and forestry and wildfire management expertise into cost-effective, targeted solutions for both regional and community sized applications. 

End-to-End Geospatial Solutions

Because every project is unique, Sanborn tailors wildfire management solutions to fit each customer requirement. Sanborn works with various imagery products, including aerial and satellite imagery providers, to develop solutions specific to our customer's needs.