Rapid Response Services

Sanborn technology and experience delivers top-quality rapid response data acquisition for orthoimagery and LiDAR mapping production services. Rapid response requests involve limited areas, short notice, rapid delivery, and are typically requested to support planning or emergency response activities related to natural or cultural events and disasters.

Sanborn maintains extensive state-of-the-art digital sensors and high-performance aviation resources to ensure collection within to support our rapid response program and work within your window of opportunity. We recognize that timely, consistent, and quality collection of aerial imagery is essential in an emergency situation. Sanborn owns multiple fixed-wing aircraft and leases additional aircraft that are customizable to federal, state, and local programs.

Process Flow

Final decisions on data acquisition are dependent on timing, area, proximity of resources, and resource availability. Sanborn's production operations assume full responsibility for the orthorectification / LiDAR mapping production tasks. This eliminates any potential delays associated with the use of subcontractors. Sanborn will mobilize to the project site within 24 hours of receiving the .shp file for the area of interest. Delivery of orthoimagery and LiDAR products begin within 72 hours of acquisition.

Rapid Response Product Specifications and Processes