GIS Services

Advances in technology have made geographic information systems (GIS) more valuable than ever, and today’s systems are more powerful--and more complex--than their recent predecessors. Professionals who depend on a GIS to help make important business decisions need a full-service, experienced source to help manage this sophisticated and indispensable tool.

GIS Database Development

Sanborn excels in designing, developing and implementing geospatial databases that satisfy operational needs, be it remote information access, detailed GIS mapping analysis, or the tracking of operational activities using integrated geospatial technologies. These solutions are built using industry standard development platforms, such as ESRI and Intergraph, coupled with DBMS platforms, i.e. ORACLE or Microsoft SQL Server, using the latest programming environments, such as .NET.

Our experienced staff ensures that the daily business needs of the client are encapsulated in their custom design by conducting user needs and systems technology assessments, and our experience from previous GIS mapping projects (in particular related to ESRI’s GeoDatabase) enables us to apply methods and approaches that have already proven successful in production environments.

Sanborn provides geospatial database solutions across numerous disciplines and domains. These solutions typically service multi-office environments that operate across many administrative areas, such as state-wide forest management systems, or multi-state, regional wildland fire risk assessment systems.

GIS Analysis and Modeling

Relying on industry standard GIS platforms, such as ESRI’s ArcGIS and ERDAS’ Imagine, Sanborn has developed substantial experience in integrating analysis and modeling programs with GIS platforms based on formally defined user needs and functional requirements. Much of this integration supports environmental assessments, resource analysis and scientific modeling activities. Sanborn Solutions specializes in developing market-specific analysis applications that adhere to each client’s terminology and classification requirements.

Enterprise GIS Systems

Sanborn’s software addresses the needs of enterprise-wide, distributed-office environments using the latest Internet technologies. Our extensive knowledge of commercial GIS mapping offerings is enhanced by our skills in integrating software components to address strategic and tactical business requirements.

Forest Management System (FMS)

Sanborn has been actively developing GIS mapping applications to support the operational forestry industry for over 10 years. These applications satisfy a range of requirements including strategic planning, tactical planning, database development and maintenance, forest economics, timber lands investment, timber sales and operational activity tracking. Our suite of solutions includes Forest Inventory Maintenance; Forest Activity Tracking; Query, Reporting and Mapping Tools; ArcMap User and Application Permissioning; and FVS Growth and Yield Integration.

Sanborn believes that no single generic forest management system can satisfy the needs of foresters across the varied landscapes and regulations found within the forestry industry--so we offer custom solutions that tightly integrate a suite of core FMS applications using industry standard platforms to meet the specific needs of our clients. Visit the Forestry page for more detailed information.

Ecosystem Decision Support System (EcoDSS)

Sanborn has developed and implemented an Ecosystem Decision Support System (EcoDSS) based on the ArcGIS platform. EcoDSS contains a suite of applications for addressing integrated ecosystem management requirements. Originally developed to support integrated resource planning for military bases, EcoDSS integrates tools to develop stand prescriptions, apply growth and yield projections, and plan forestry activities to achieve desired ecosystem management and military training objectives. The application identifies areas of concern and potential impacts for prescribed forestry activities.

The goal of the EcoDSS is to provide information to aid staff in preserving and enhancing bio-diversity while maintaining sustainable forest resources and was specifically designed to utilize a forest inventory database with custom prescriptions, but the application can be easily customized for other forest management situations. Visit the EcoDSS page for more detailed information.

Fire Management Services

Fire-planning professionals need to identify potential wildfire-prone areas and prioritize their actions to reduce wildland fuels, fire occurrence, and fire impact at the local, community and regional levels. The Sanborn approach is based on applying proven methods for conducting wildland fire risk assessments, along with subject-matter expertise in fuels and fire management. Our technical and domain expertise is unparalleled in the industry, due to a legacy of exclusive teaming relationships with the leading fuels and fire protection experts in the fire discipline. Sanborn Fire Management Services are based on the Sanborn Wildland Fire Risk Assessment System (WFRAS).

Mobile and Desktop GIS Applications

Mobile and Web-Based GIS applications provide sophisticated analytical tools for specialized staff, which aid in the recognition and study of patterns and problems, providing information to help craft land management solutions.