3D Visualization

Sanborn offers a number of 3D modeling and visualization products and services available for a variety of uses and deliverable in a number of formats. With over six million building modeled, Sanborn is a leader in the 3D Visualization field. 

3D Buildings

Sanborn offers a suite of 3D modeling products designed for 3D building, visualizations, GIS applications, architectural modeling, 3D modeling, 3D graphic design, and 3D simulators. Sanborn 3D Buildings Products are accurate, geo-registered (x, y, z) models provided in formats ready for most 3D application tools. Sanborn also offers a free Sanborn 3D Viewer that supports common 3D formats with all deliverables.

  • 3D Premium Buildings
  • 3D True-Architectural Buildings
  • 3D Standard Building Models
  • 3D Full Modeling
  • Free Sanborn 3D Viewer

Visit the 3D Buildings page for more detailed information and technical specifications.

3D Cities

Sanborn 3DCities Products are an essential ingredient to virtual city implementations. Combining a strong visual appearance with a standards-compliant relational objects database, 3DCities products offer building and geospatial feature accuracy. The off-the-shelf metro areas include orthoimagery, 3D buildings, elevation models and geospatial datasets covering the largest central business districts for over 60 major cities in the Americas and Europe. Committed to the improvement of city visualization and analysis, additional cities will become available from around the globe.

Visit the 3D Cities page for more detailed information on 3D modeling and technical specifications.


The Sanborn CitySets® product line is a series of off-the-shelf digital data sets covering the core downtown areas of major cities across the United States. CitySets products provide valuable GIS data with four Geospatial products:

  • Geographic Information
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
  • Digital Orthoimagery
  • 3D Models

Visit the CitySets page for more detailed information and technical specifications.

Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping (SPIN)

The Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping (SPIN) is a semi-autonomous mobile robotic platform designed exclusively for indoor mapping applications. By utilizing the recent advances made in a variety of 3D technologies including laser scanning, photogrammetry and computer vision, and the state-of-the-art approaches used in robotics, SPIN is a leap forward in accurately mapping the building interiors. SPIN is a compact, easy-to-operate and self-navigating system which generates pre-registered spatial data in near real-time.

With SPIN you can:
  • Generate 2D floor plans
  • Create 3D models of indoor environments
  • Catalog inventory and / or assets

Visit the SPIN page for more detailed information and technical specifications.

Sanborn 3D Stacking Plans

Sanborn 3D Interactive Stacking Plans are customized property information maps, quickly created from your floorplan pdf's, property photos, and tenant information. The web-based 3D Stacking Plans Viewer suite of tools allows users to rotate, zoom, and adjust the opacity of the structure’s exterior walls, enabling easy visual analysis of every floor and space. Building information fields can be customized to display information specific to each floor, occupant, office, etc. In addition, the interactive floorplan model can be color-coded by any number of customizable client-defined classes or categories.

Visit the 3D Stacking Plans page for more detailed information and technical specifications.

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