Planimetric Mapping

Advances in technology have made geographic information systems more valuable than ever. Today's systems are more powerful-and more complex-than their recent predecessors. Professionals who depend on a GIS to help make important decisions based on geospatial information need a full-service, experienced source to help manage this sophisticated and indispensable tool, and increasingly they're finding it with Sanborn.

What is Planimetric Data?

Planimetric mapping involves maps that are showing only the horizontal position of features on the Earths' surface which reveal geographic objects, natural and cultural physical features, and entities without topographic properties. Topographic features not captured such as roads, buildings, and bodies of water that are visible and identifiable on aerial photographs can be compiled into map features through photogrammetric surveying procedures. The Sanborn Planimetric mapping products reveal map features that illustrate the surface categories found here.

The Sanborn Approach

Sanborn has great experience digitizing planimetric mapping data from aerial photography for use as a base layer of a GIS. With speed and consistency intrinsic to our data processing, Sanborn produces accurate and aesthetically pleasing planimetric data that can meet the specifications of any GIS. Sanborn Planimetric Maps feature:

  • Enhanced editing
  • True polygon topology
  • Programming functions
  • QC functions
  • Street centerlines calculated from road edges
  • Optional attribution
  • Street prefix, name, type, suffix, address ranges
  • Hydro centerlines hand placed through water-bodies for a better aesthetic look
  • Optional attribution

  • Order acceptance subject to Sanborn approval
  • Price catalog is subject to change
  • High relief and dense terrain areas subject to Sanborn approval
  • Product is warranted for 90 days as defined in the End User License agreement

Delivery Formats
  • .dwg (AutoCAD)
  • .dxf (Drawing exchange)
  • .shp (ESRI)