Oblique Aerial Imagery

The Sanborn Oblique Imagery Solution provides users with the ability to see multiple aerial views of any location. Employing five separate digital cameras to capture oblique and nadir (straight-down) views, this solution allows for comprehensive data for applications which require the ability to measure and analyze all sides of a structure or ground feature. The final georeferenced imagery is delivered to the end-user in a format that makes it easy to see, analyze, and utilize effectively.

While the uses for oblique imagery are growing, it is currently most commonly used in the areas of first response/emergency management planning and operations, urban and community planning, utilities, and insurance and property assessment applications.

Employing Sanborn aircraft and leading-edge oblique digital aerial collection systems, Sanborn acquires and processes oblique aerial imagery while adhering to rigorous quality standards through every step of the process. This enables delivery of products with stated accuracies you can trust. In addition, the final delivered oblique imagery is an end-user owned product, so there is no licensing necessary from Sanborn. The client determines how the data is used and shared within their respective government, university research, or business GIS user community.

2.5-inch Sample Imagery

4-inch Sample Imagery

6-inch Sample Imagery

With the purchase of aerial oblique imagery customers receive a web-based viewer, software, and an ArcGIS 9.3.1 and ArcGIS 10 desktop products.


  • Order acceptance subject to Sanborn approval 
  • Price catalog is subject to change
  • Shipping and handling and/or delivery media may constitute additional charges 


  • Final delivered oblique imagery and software are licensed products. Sanborn has structured these licenses to ensure that our customers have the highest level of flexibility to provide access and share the data with their constituents and partners.