Mobile LiDAR

The Sanborn mobile mapping survey solution is designed for collecting engineering/survey grade LiDAR data over large areas that are impractical with static LiDAR sensors, but require an accuracy and resolution that exceed the deliverables available through current airborne technologies. With a system delivering better than 5cm accuracy and a resolution of up to 1cm, Sanborn mobile mapping products and services offer unprecedented 3D detail from a vehicle moving at speeds up to 60mph.

mobile mappingSanborn is a pioneer in mobile mapping technology with experience dating back to 2001. Using the VISAT (Video Inertial SATellite) Video Capture and GPS/IMU technology, Sanborn created maps that captured both visually and positionally accurate roads, infrastructure, and other assets.

Sanborn, an industry leader in aerial mapping, LiDAR Survey collection and processing, continues to move forward with mobile mapping technologies with the deployment of the Optech Lynx V200 mobile mapping System. This advanced mobile mapping system combines LiDAR with high resolution video to meet the accuracy required for today's engineering grade applications and solutions.

Technology Benefits
  • Safety-collection at posted highway speeds without risking personnel in traffic to collect road/rail/survey data
  • Collection Efficiency-faster by up to 50x than conventional means
  • Accurate Positional Processing-integrating survey control, GPS, and IMU data
  • Product Delivery-delivered in standard formats immediately available in CAD or other software packages
  • Cost & Schedule Effective-virtual survey means no return to the field to pick up "missed" features
  • 3D Visualization Excellence-accurate and complete detail capture of structures, roads, infrastructure, etc.
Data and QC Management

Sanborn has extensive experience in the collection and processing of massive amounts of geospatial information. With a fleet of nine aircraft, six digital aerial mapping cameras, three airborne LiDAR systems, 600TB of storage, 300 CPUs for geospatial data processing, a technical staff of over 150 (including engineers, surveyors, photogrammetrists, GIS specialists, and PMP project managers), Sanborn can effectively manage, control, and produce the required information and value-added products required from the Lynx mobile mapping System.