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Sanborn Launches Online Store for 3-D Building Data


‘Sanborn Online’ Transforms the Way Customers Can Select and Purchase Data
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Oct. 9, 2014—With the introduction of Sanborn Online, The Sanborn Map Company, Inc., (Sanborn) has streamlined the way its customers can purchase the firm’s world-class collection of digital 3-D building data. Sanborn Online, the official digital storefront for Sanborn-acquired data, lets customers view available metropolitan areas and data types, select the data they need, choose the appropriate data license and download the data—all in a matter of minutes.

Sanborn Updates Oblique Analyst for ArcGIS Users

Visit Sanborn at Booth #1208 at the 2014 Esri International UC Exhibit for a demonstration of Oblique Analyst. Also See SPIN—Sanborn’s revolutionary new autonomous robot for indoor laser mapping on Tuesday, July 15 only!

July 15, 2014

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Jason Caldwell


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Sanborn Updates Oblique Analyst for ArcGIS Users
Users of Esri ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 and Above Easily Can Browse and Import Oblique Imagery Into the Workflow

Colorado Springs, Colo. (July 15, 2014)—The benefits of viewing and working with oblique aerial imagery now are available to users with the latest versions of ArcGIS for Desktop geographic information system (GIS) software. The Sanborn Map Company’s Oblique Analyst tool lets users leverage the multiple-view advantages of the company’s Oblique Imagery Solutions like never before.

Sanborn’s Oblique Imagery Solutions products comprise aerial imagery that gives users multiple views of any location. Sanborn captures the imagery using five separate state-of-the-art cameras at once, resulting in the highest quality oblique data available today. The imagery is georeferenced and delivered to users in a format that makes it easy to view, analyze and use effectively.

Oblique Analyst presents all five views of a building or structure—nadir and four 45° oblique angles—and provides the ability to select any view as the primary one. A built-in compass feature lets users know the current view as they pan and zoom around a project area. Oblique Analyst also pinpoints the project area on an overview map, and its addressing feature quickly locates specific addresses. Oblique Analyst is included with the purchase of Sanborn’s Oblique Imagery Solutions products.

The Robots Are Here...

Check out the SPIN-centered article and interview at

The Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping (SPIN) is a semi-autonomous mobile robotic platform designed exclusively for indoor mapping applications. By utilizing the recent advances made in a variety of 3D technologies including laser scanning, photogrammetry and computer vision, and the state-of-the-art approaches used in robotics, SPIN is a leap forward in accurately mapping the building interiors. SPIN is a compact, easy-to-operate and self-navigating system which generates pre-registered spatial data almost in real-time.

Creating a Healthier Planet—SEMCOG

EIJ Article by Sudha Maheshwari, (Sanborn) and Ann Burns and Amy Mangus, of Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.

From smart data-collection planning to effective analysis and implementation, regional planners in Southeast Michigan are enabling urban sustainability and green infrastructure.

Urban sustainability involves a plethora of important issues confronting urban managers and planners, from climate change and air and water quality to stormwater management, flooding and many other interrelated social and environmental issues. Such issues force decision makers to balance the economic, environmental and societal outcomes of any action.

Click here to read the full article...

Sanborn Advances Indoor Mapping

SPIN Robotic Mapper a Leap Forward for Highly Accurate 2D and 3D Building Interior Mapping

Colorado Springs, Colo. (April 11, 2014)—Move over R2-D2! Designed exclusively for indoor mapping applications, the robotic Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping (SPIN) is a compact, easy-to-use, self-navigating system that generates preregistered spatial data in near real time.

With SPIN You Can:

  • Generate 2D floor plans
  • Create 3D models of indoor environments
  • Catalog inventory and / or assets

Sanborn Developers Participate In Winning Local Code-Off

A team of twenty and thirtysomethings huddled in a hot, brightly lit basement room, crammed elbow to elbow over MacBook Pros - a single display monitor pumping out code to represent data on a map of El Paso County.
In wool sweaters and shapely beards, the group of coders, developers, designers and entrepreneurs, paused only for a moments to refresh with beer, Coke or energy drinks before returning to their keyboards.
The group, named Local Sage, is one of five local teams participating in the statewide Go Code Colorado challenge this weekend.

Sanborn Expands 3D Products Line with Stacking Plans

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Feb. 18, 2014)—The Sanborn Map Company announces the expansion of its innovative 3D product line with the groundbreaking Sanborn 3D Stacking Plans.

Stacking plans originated as two-dimensional charts displaying the arrangement of tenants on floors in high-rise office buildings or condominiums. They are typically shaded or color-coded to represent lease terms of the building’s tenants, such as expiration date and square feet leased.


Sanborn Exhibits UAS Technology at Colorado Farm Show

Jason Caldwell, with Sanborn, talks to a curious passerby as he shows off a drone at the Colorado Farm Show on Wednesday at the Island Grove Events Center in Greeley. While Caldwell wasn't selling any drones he was talking with several local farmers and ranchers about possible applications for the unmanned aircraft.


Sanborn Completes Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex Oblique Imagery Collection

Sanborn now offers highly detailed oblique imagery with unprecedented clarity for one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas.

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Jan. 28, 2014)—Oblique imagery data covering more than 2,700 square miles of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex has been acquired and processed by The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. The imagery offers a crisp ground sample distance (GSD) of 2.5 inches for most of the area in natural color (RGB). It was captured during 2013 with a five-camera configuration (nadir, north, south, east and west) and has unprecedented clarity.